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Super Simple Puck Light Hack in 5 Easy Steps

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So you’ve probably seen the puck light hack, AKA the “magic light trick”, floating around, but are wondering how exactly it works and what exactly you need to complete the hack yourself. Well, my friend, look no further! Follow these (SUPER simple) steps to hack some beautiful lighting of your own.

The best part of this small project is that you don’t need an electrician or any knowledge of how to wire in a light. You don’t even need tools (except to install the light fixture).

Not sure where you’re going to put a puck light? Click here to read my other suggested uses for this hack.

Supply List

  • Light fixture of your choice (mine pictured is linked here)
  • 3/4″ NPT male PVC fitting (10 pack similar to mine here)
  • Battery-operated puck lights (mine pictured is linked here)
  • Double-sided tape (if it doesn’t come with the puck lights)


  1. Following the instructions provided with the puck light, remove the back battery cover from the front of the light and install your batteries.
  2. While the back is removed, place a piece of double-sided tape onto the middle of the battery cover.
  3. Center the 3/4″ NPT male PVC fitting over the double-sided tape, with the flat hex side flush with the tape.
  4. Replace the battery cover.
  5. Screw the light into your light fixture as you would with a regular light bulb.

Now, you might be thinking “Kasandra, you seriously had to write a blog post about this? It’s SO STINKIN’ EASY!” I know! But I kept telling myself that it had to be at least a little bit harder than that before I made my first one. So, if you had any doubts whatsoever about how simple it is, ease your mind right now and get to work.

Puck Light Hack Pin
puck light at night
And there she is! No filters to brighten up the space. Just my fabulous little puck light sconces!

Things to Note and Other Uses for Puck Lights

While the puck light hack is super simple, quick, and convenient, there are a couple of things to note.

  • The lighting is obviously not going to be as strong as that of a regular light bulb. I am currently using puck lights for extra lighting in my coffee bar area, which they are perfect for! Some other places you may consider puck lighting would be:
    • In a hallway where you don’t need a lot of light. I plan on adding puck lights to my hallway in the near future. They’ll make great night lights for those late-night bathroom trips for my little people.
    • Above photos. Do you have some great family photos that you’d like to highlight? Small gooseneck light fixtures with puck lights are pretty popular for this and would look beautiful! You could even get two birds with one stone by putting these photos down your hallway. 🙂 You’re welcome.
    • Over nightstands. These would be great for some subtle light at bedtime. They give off just enough light to read by, if that’s your thing. I’m definitely adding them to my son’s room when I get around to finishing his “big-boy” room.
  • The PVC fitting won’t allow the puck lights to screw in all the way like a regular light bulk would, but it’s hardly noticeable. See the below photo for reference.
puck light installed

After you’ve completed your own hack, I’d love to see your creation! Send me photos, or follow and tag me on Instagram! Comment what you think below!