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9 Beautiful Artificial Indoor Plants

I’m going to be upfront and say that I do NOT have a green thumb. I overwater plants, forget to water plants, forget I HAVE plants.

What does a girl like me do, then? I buy artificial indoor plants!

I’m not kidding. You should see the (barely) live mums on my back porch.

Artificial Indoor Plants

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Really? Fake Plants?

Heck yes! Artificial plants are a great accessory in any room and add a cozy feeling plus a pop of color. Plus, you get all the beauty plants have to offer without any of the maintenance.

If you have a room that’s starting to look a little stale, or it’s just missing something that you can’t quite put your finger on, try one of these 9 fake indoor plants from Amazon! They’re fun, gorgeous, and won’t break the bank!

If you’re still not convinced, I’m going to go ahead and say this again – it’s my personal favorite – artificial plants mean NO WATERING OR CARE!

9 Beautiful Artificial Indoor Plants

My Artificial Plant Picks

  1. Mini Bamboo Leaf Potted Green Plant – This is such a perfect little plant to pair with bigger pieces anywhere in the home.
  2. Set of 3 Mini Succulents – I LOVE things that come in three’s! These would be great staggered on different shelves, or even as the focal point of a single shelf.
  3. Set of Two In Cement Pots – The pots these are in are what really make them stand out. They’d be a perfect addition to a home office.
  4. Set of Three with Glass Pots – Again with the set of three. 🙂 And these have glass pots that would look great in a window above the sink in the kitchen.
  5. Snake Plant with Pot and Stand – At about 44″ tall with the stand, this would look pretty in a corner or next to a console table.
  6. Dracaena Silk Plant – This 48″ tall plant would again be pretty in a corner or paired next to an entry bench.
  7. Small Plants in Ceramic Pots – A set of two plants in simple white ceramic pots is a gorgeous option for smaller spaces. Think – office desk, bathroom shelf, kitchen countertop – you name it!
  8. Eucalyptus Plant in Ceramic Pot with Stand – I like how this plant comes with a small stand. It would be a pretty focal point on a tray on top of a coffee table or ottoman.
  9. Tropical Palm Tree – This 43″ tree would pull me out of my decor “comfort zone”, but I think it would be a really fun addition to a home office!

Click on a photo below to take you right to the Amazon page!


Okay, well you’ve seen them! Now go pick your plant (or two)!

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