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Fall and Halloween Decorations From the Dollar Tree

Can you believe we are nearing the end of September already?! It’s been a busy month in our house between school and my daughter’s birthday – I swear I blinked and it was nearly over. And I can’t even count how many times my son has asked when their Halloween costumes will be here. Not, might I add, the family-matching Mario costumes I was hoping for. Anyway, I want to share these great fall and Halloween decorations I snagged from Dollar Tree a couple of weeks ago!

I stopped in Dollar Tree to search for project materials on the cheap. Instead, I became preoccupied with their great little selection of fall and Halloween decorations (I almost missed a hair appointment)! Dollar Tree did not disappoint this year. I spent $30, and I think I walked out with 23 ADORABLE items.

I got home, and my 5-year-old saw everything and was like “MOM! Can we decorate for Halloween RIGHT NOW??” I mean, well, yeah buddy, we can. Because I think I’m more pumped about the Halloween decorations than you are. So, I’m really excited to share these with you!

Dollar Tree Tray Halloween Decorations

Dollar Tree Halloween
Dollar Tree: Skeleton // Pumpkin // Eucalyptus Stems
Similar from Amazon: Woven Tray // Clear Vase // Skeleton // Velvet Pumpkin // Eucalyptus Stems

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Although Mr. Skeleton has a loop on his head so he can be hung up, I like how he looks on this tray. He’s not very bendy, though, so his position in the photo is about all you get.

I might be a little obscessed with the velevet pumpkins. 😳 They come in several different colors, and I was so pleased with their quality! I’d never have guessed they were from Dollar Tree if I hadn’t bought them myself!

Even though these eucalyptus stems are plastic, they actually look really good. They’re a little shiny, but for Dollar Tree prices, I’m cool with that.

Fall Shelf Decorations

Dollar Tree: Skull
Similar from Amazon: Skull // Amber Bottle

This little skull is kind of hard to prop up and I’m surprised all the crazy running around in our house hasn’t caused him to fall over yet. It would be a good idea to make a little stand with some craft sticks and a glue gun to help the skull stand on its own.

fall decoration dollar tree
Dollar Tree: Large Velvet Pumpkin // Small Velvet Pumpkin // White Textured Pumpkin
Similar from Amazon: Velvet Pumpkin
Amazon Products: Mirror // Dough Bowl

I love the way the velvet pumpkins fit in my dough bowl! (See, there they are again – I LOVE them!) They look so good layered together with my lambs ear stems, and the photos truly don’t do this setup justice.

The mirror came from Amazon several months ago, and I just got around to hanging it up. It’s gorgeous in person and makes a great backdrop for my entryway table. The thrifted picture frames are the cherry on top of this look, though. Would you agree?

Halloween Shelf decor
Dollar Tree: Small Velvet Pumpkin // Spider

Yes, there’s another velvet pumpkin. I think they come in six different colors, which makes them great for layering and using throughout the home. No need to worry about looking too repetetive.

And the spider – ugh! I hate spiders! Not going to lie – this little guy freaks me out. I don’t love that it’s brown and would like to paint it black at some point. But it works for now and will be easy to update!

Other Miscellaneous Halloween Decorations

This foam pumpkin and skeleton hand were the last couple of items I picked up, and I haven’t decorated with them yet. I think the pumpkin needs some terracotta-colored paint and distressing to get the look I’m after. The skeleton hand will be perfect glued to a canvas and used as wall art or a shelf leaner.

I hope you’ve found some inspiration for decorating your home for fall with Dollar Tree items. Check out the website or a local store to find some cute and affordable fall and Halloween decorations for your home.

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