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Beautiful No-Sew Tablecloth Curtains Under $20

Tablecloths, Not Curtains

If you’ve read the post about my DIY Industrial Curtain Rods, you may have gotten a peek at the beautiful curtains hanging in my master bedroom. And guess what? They’re not even “real” curtains! They’re tablecloths!

tablecloth curtains

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I planned to find a great fabric and sew my own curtains. Some fabrics jumped out at me while shopping around, until I saw prices – like $15-$30/yard. I needed at least three yards per panel, which meant a minimum of $45 per panel. You can do the math for four panels (if not, that’s a minimum of $180 for four panels). Eek! I do DIY stuff to save myself money, not to spend more.

Using a tablecloth for a curtain? Uh, okay.

I had heard about and seen other blog posts using tablecloths as an alternative to curtains. In my mind, I could not picture a single tablecloth I had ever seen in my whole life (looking back, I think the only one I could picture was the lace one my grandma used) that I would use as a curtain.

Lo and behold! I stumbled on this no-sew tablecloth curtains post from Rooms FOR Rent Blog and absolutely fell in love with them! I went straight to my Target app and ordered one 120″ tablecloth. I figured they wouldn’t look as good in my house as they did in hers, so I didn’t want to buy four tablecloths just to send them back.

Here’s the tablecloth I ordered

Well now, let me tell you something. When I got home and that Target box was sitting on my porch, I was like a kid at her birthday party who couldn’t tear into her gifts fast enough.

I had already bought these curtain clip rings and put them up when I hung my curtain rods, so all I had to do was clip the tablecloth up. I did this by:

  1. Folding over the top of the tablecloth so it hung to my desired length (I wanted mine to drape on the floor).
  2. Clipping it up, starting at the outside corners and working my way in, making sure that the cloth stays level.

The only thing missing was: three more tablecloths/curtains. I instantly kicked myself for not ordering all four right away. Regardless, once I got them all ordered and hung, I was in love with them all over again. And for $19 per panel, it was well worth it!