Rustic X Console Table Made With Salvaged Barn Wood

When we moved into our house, a once-beautiful barn sat on our property. With a destroyed roof, it had turned into a useless eyesore that needed torn down. It still had a lot of usable wood, which we kept for my DIY projects. First on my list being this Rustic X Console Table for my living room.

See this huge empty space behind my sofa? I couldn’t stand it. Our front door rarely gets used, but I didn’t want to block it off. So, here we were, left with this little walkway between the sofa and wall.

console table before

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My Pinterest board had accumulated several “Rustic X Console Table” pins, but I wasn’t feeling confident that I had the sufficient tools (and skills) to make the exact table I wanted. Plus, I wanted this thing to be like, huge.

This pin lead to a great tutorial!

Prior to “Project Barn Demo”, we were referred to a local carpenter who has done some incredible work. We offered him as much wood as he’d want if he’d help us tear down that barn. Not only did he agree, but he offered to make us some stuff (whoop whoop!). Since I thought this table would be perfect for anyone other than me to make, I sent him several pictures of what I was thinking, and he got to work!

Some of the wood used on the walls of the barn contained writing and men’s signatures on it from when it was built. While we didn’t recognize any of the names, we thought it was an interesting little piece of our property’s history, so we cut it out and kept it. Russell was able to incorporate some of the writing, as well as some other fun wood boards into this console table.

console table detail

I absolutely love how this table turned out, and it fit my space perfectly!

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