Hi! I’m Kasandra, the designer and builder behind Down Bliss Lane projects. Sometimes, I need a little help, so my husband, Taylor, gets roped into doing some heavy lifting. I think we make a great team, and he just thinks that my projects are a total pain in the butt.

About Kasandra
Photo by Ava North Photography

Where did Down Bliss Lane come from?

First and foremost, I’ve always enjoyed writing. As a little girl, I kept very detailed and embarrassing journals (which I hope my mom found and burned – all of them). In high school and college, the composition and English classes were my favorite, though I graduated college with a degree in business.

In college, I worked at a furniture store in sales for three years. I helped decorate and arrange showrooms, which is where I found my love for home décor. It was amazing to visualize how a space could change drastically with different arrangements, décor, colors, etc. The best part, though, was helping clients design spaces in their homes – as this gave me real-life experience.

During this same time, I realized how expensive some décor pieces could be and wondered about my ability to make them on my own. I began trying small projects, like refinishing furniture I already had and attempting to build very small pieces. These were mostly futile attempts, as I didn’t have a very good space to work in (I had a tiny rental and no garage) and basically no tools.

Fast forward through college graduation and our wedding, Taylor and I finally moved into our “dream” home in 2015. It’s 10 miles in the country, and we have a two-car garage that serves as my woodworking space. I have borrowed/inherited tools from my dad and have tons of ambition to DIY as much of my home as I can.

5 Fun Facts About Kasandra!

  1. My dream is to be able to sit on my porch every morning and watch the sun come up with a cup of coffee and a good book in hand.
  2. I’m a terrible cook (unless it’s homemade pizza!), but I enjoy baking.
  3. I work outside the home as the clerk of a school district.
  4. When decorating, I try to channel my inner Joanna Gaines. (<3 Fixer Upper!)
  5. I am 10 and almost 16 years older than my two younger brothers, who are my two favorite boys in the whole world (besides the two I live with). 🙂

I love hearing from my readers! If you have any questions or comments, please leave them on my Contact page.